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AI Integration

Develop best-performing artificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithms for yield prediction of mushrooms in a prototype MUSHNOMICS module with IoT (Internet of Things) devices for real time production management and demonstration in our end-user (PILZE), Hungary by 2022

Data Exchange

Develop an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) platform to exchange data and information from production to points of sale along the entire value chain of mushrooms by 2023

Innovative Business

Co-develop innovative business models based on container retrofitted MUSHNOMICS Module for informed decision making by mushroom growers/entrepreneurs by 2024


Partners of the Mushnomics project worked out a guide and a smart technology pack that can help to realise circular oyster mushroom growing in cities. A multitude of urban biowastes can be used to grow oyster mushroom at your home or even in urban farm scale depending on the biowaste volume available. You can find those biowastes all around you within the city - in your kitchen, in restaurants, in parks and in gardens, now it’s time to valorize it.

By following the platform and using our technologies in scale you will be able to turn the biowastes into delicious oyster mushroom. The process has basically three steps in a closed loop and zero waste approach:

  1. Turning collected biowaste into oyster mushroom substrate through pasteurization and inoculation with mushroom spawn;
  2. Oyster mushroom cultivation with providing the optimal conditions for the two phases of oyster mushroom growing - in scale, our smart oyster mushroom growing cabinet will do the job automatically!
  3. Spent mushroom substrate valorisation unit for the treatment of the soil-like (high in organic matter) material remaining after harvesting of mushrooms.
Mushnomics Platform

Accessing the App is as easy as clicking the App button in the menu and creating a New Notebook.

The MUSNOMICS App is the culmination of our efforts within the project.

You can define a simulation (or scenario) of what you want to build, defined within a Smart Notebook. The notebook is an advanced piece of software destined to help you quickly get started with the cultivation of the Pleurotus Ostreatus mushroom. It will give you the full information required for this endeavour. You will have to add your sources of waste and some other information about the disposal of spent mushroom substrate. Also, you can take notes by using the My Notes section of the App.

The App is structured into easy to use sections, that each handle one aspect of mushroom growing:

  1. Feedstock - What can you transform into substrate. Here you can add your sources of feedstock and the App will calculate some probable properties for it.
  2. Substrate preparation - Guides the process of preparing the substrate for inoculation and mushroom growing. In this section, improvement suggestions will be presented to the user.
  3. Mushroom Growing - contains yield estimation and a mushroom detector that uses advanced Machine Learning models.
  4. SMS Utilization - contains state-of-the-art information about proper disposal of spent mushroom substrate (SMS).

My Notes - the area where you can track your own research, activities and results. All notebooks have their own notes area, so that observations can be kept for a specific instance.

The MUSHNOMICS Knowledge Base

Mushnomics Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base provides tutorial-like information about mushroom growing and aspects related to it. You will find articles written by our scientists as well as relevant articles or information from other sources.

This knowledge base serves as a comprehensive repository of information about various aspects of mushroom cultivation, including the types of mushrooms that can be grown, the optimal conditions for their growth, and the potential challenges that growers might face. It will provide detailed guides and tutorials for beginners, as well as advanced tips and techniques for experienced growers. The knowledge base can also include a Q&A section where users can share their experiences and learn from each other. This way, the online portal becomes not just a source of information, but also a vibrant community of mushroom enthusiasts. The use of a knowledge base thus enhances the user experience, making the portal a one-stop solution for all mushroom growing needs.